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Monster Outdoor TV
Monster Outdoor TV

What Does The Perfect Day With Friends Look Like?

Similarly, planning a night indoors means your inner explorer has to compromise.

You can try to enjoy the best of both worlds by packing your laptop with you…

Only to realize the screen feels washed under the sky and the weak speakers feel suppressed by the gentlest of breezes.

But what if you had to make no compromises?

What if you could enjoy an outdoor adventure with the game live-streamed beside the campfire…

Or a movie night under the stars with sound so rich, it feels like you’re in a movie theatre.

Monster Outdoor TVMonster Outdoor TV

Transform Any Outdoor Setting into an Immersive and Unforgettable Experience

VMay is our most superior and unique creation that redefines portable entertainment, packing dynamic wireless speakers, a high-resolution LCD, and a built-in ATSC/DVB-T/ISDB-T Air TV Tuner into one sleek, rugged package.

No matter if you’re climbing mountain peaks, chilling by the campfire, or escaping on a road trip, VMay brings effortless entertainment to you – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Monster Outdoor TV

Bigger Screen, Bigger Entertainment

Movie night under the stars? Sports by the campfire? Vmay’s got you covered! Imagine a 15.6-inch crystal-clear display showing all your favorites, with viewing angles so wide everyone can enjoy the show. Adventure entertainment just got a whole lot bigger (and better)!

Outdoor Entertainment

Powerful Audio for Any Setting

VMay boasts 60 watts of unbeatable audio power that fills any outdoor space with rich, vibrant sound. Think thumping bass of your music playlist during a tailgate party or binge watching movies with sound effects so sharp you feel like you're in it.

VMay: Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere

Outdoor Entertainment Large Battery

Play All Day and All Night

Leave the power outlet worries behind! Vmay’s high-capacity rechargeable battery delivers an impressive 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. That means uninterrupted

What we offer

The Perfect TV for Every Adventure

Outdoor Entertainment


From movies to live sports, stay connected to the world, or escape from it, in high definition.

Outdoor Entertainment

Barbecues & Pool Parties

Party-proof with its IPX4 waterproof rating, turning every gathering into an unforgettable event.

Outdoor Entertainment

Yachting & RVs

Cinema-quality entertainment on the open sea or the open road.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Gatherings

Transform any outdoor space into a venue for sharing moments, with the power to back it up.

Home Teather

Introducing VMay

VMay by Monster is the world’s first TV that’s truly made for the outdoors. It’s robust yet compact, designed to bring you the ultimate TV experience, wherever you might be. Picture a 15.6” 1080P display paired with booming 60-watt speakers. Imagine the excitement of watching live games through the built-in ATSC Air TV Tuner or plugging in your favorite streaming device to enjoy a movie… All with the backdrop of nature. Whether you’re lost in the mystery of a forest, relaxing by a serene lake, or basking in the quiet of the desert… VMay brings your favorite content to life with just a push of a button. Every moment, every scene feels like you’re there, making it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds… The thrill of outdoor adventures and the immersive entertainment of a home theatre system.

VMay: Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere

15.6’’IPS 1080 SCREEN

High brightness, no problem for outdoor viewing.Wide-angle screen, unlimited viewing angles!


The sound is loud, so you don’t have to worry about it when used outdoors by many people!

Three-in-one design

Monster Outdoor TV

Vmay most innovative portable Bluetooth wireless speaker complete with a large LCD display and built-in ATSC Air TV Tuner. Enjoy your favorite video content on the go via the Antenna feature or plug  in your laptop to stream directly through the Vision’s HDMI MHL port.

VMay: Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere

Entertainment without limits

Elevate your entertainment experience to new heights! We proudly introduce the all-new TV speaker, designed to not only flawlessly support digital television but also enable seamless playback from online streaming services (Roku、Prime video and more).

It promises an unprecedented immersive audio-visual feast.

Monster Outdoor TV

Here’s Everything That’s Included

Monster Outdoor TV What's in the Package
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VMay: Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere Together Happily, Anytime, Anywhere